Walter A. Bailey was born in Dublin, Georgia in 1948. He grew to manhood on the mean streets of Hartford, Connecticut where his natural aRT talent was recognized in the third grade. Through whole life experiences of a young Negro aRTist, his works evolved to an aspiring Land and Seascape artist of Neo-classical Realism. After joining the Black Arts Movement in 1967, Walter found his Africaness attending Hartford Public High School in Hartford, Connecticut. His art turned to bold themes reflecting African and African American experiences in a radical Ethno-Centric Expressionism. Over the next four decades, he relates, “My art progressed from 1960’s Classical Afro-Centrism born of the 20th Century, to an self-evolving artist of the 21st Century with an aRT Vision for the 22nd Century.”

Cascading through 1950/60’s Expressionism to an explosive 70’s Black Arts Era, Walter masters black and white contrasts. Simultaneously, his Experimental Era , 1975 TO 1983, led to pioneering original fine aRT on Acrylic Polymers. Walters milestone 24ft Acrylic Polymer master mural the Anthology of African and African American history, used in Detroit Public School, as well as the Whole Story classroom version won him the coveted Charles Wright Museum of African American His- tories Legacy Award for art and history, 2009. His 1990’s spirit of Diversity Era, 1995 to present, reflect a transition toward world cultural images. He states, ”My next transition will reflect a desire to explore new themes, styles and genres in this next tumultuous decade. Through art as well as mentoring, I wish to pass these experiences to a next generation of visionaries."

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